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How Instagram Can Add Thousands to Your Customer Base

Updated: Jul 24

So, you want to leverage Instagram to grow your brand and add thousands to your customer base?

You are not alone!

Instagram is one of the most competitive social media platforms among several industries. With many customizable options, including Stories, filters, and GIFs, it has become a potent tool for marketing.

Growth on Instagram takes consistent manual labor and time. Fake engagements and growth rates or bots will only cause more harm than good in the long run. And eventually, your account might be banned in the process.

Then, how can you channel your efforts towards getting thousands to your customer base? Here are 3 steps to get started.

1. First things first, Be Consistent

To grow an Instagram account, you need to be consistent with your posts.

If you want your posts to go viral, you need to post as many times as possible.

Sproutsocial recommends that the best times to post are Wednesdays at 11 a.m. and Fridays between 10 and 11 a.m.

As there are several businesses on Instagram, including your competitors, you must be consistent to see encouraging results.

Don’t forget to be precise and create captivating content that your customers love.

Invest in Content Production & Content Diversity. Run Promotions & Contests

2. Use Strong Calls-to-Action

Put calls to action in between your posts, bio, and comments.

While Instagram is a great platform to engage a target audience, several businesses are yet to gain mastery at it.

Irrespective of your business – fashion, agriculture, leadership consultant – using a strong “call to action” works effectively. Keeping in mind that you must be precise as possible, a fun, quick CTA is recommended.

For instance, if your business provides physical goods, it makes sense to post photos of your products. Be sure to write a short description, which could be how to make an order or shop more items.

3. Use Influencer Strategy

Influencers are those who already have authority in their niche. In other words, they are people who followers they engage with frequently.

If you want to sell your business on Instagram, these influencers are the ideal option for you. They help in establishing trust in your business as well as adding thousands to your customer base.

Think of influencer marketing as a network where every customer shops a product based on the trust of referral.


There are several methods of growing your Insta account and Customer base organically. We’ve listed a few here, such as being consistent, using calls to action, and influencer strategy.

While some yield results faster, others take some time to yield results.

However, combining the above Instagram marketing strategies will put you in a better position of utilizing the platform steadily.

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